15 of the most expensive domains

Οne of the most difficult things when you create a website is to find its name. As you can easily understand, the best names are not available for a long time, so there are a few cases in which the companies that want a specific name for their domain, can pay a lot of money to get it from their owner.


Below, you will see a list of the 15 most expensive domains in the world, those which cost more money to buy. Let's see them...

 15 & 14. and

The first is the most expensive domain in the country and was purchased in January 2000 for 5 million dollars. The second was purchased for the same amount from the WashingtonVC in 2007.


It was purchased from a retail toys store, the ToysRUS, in March 2009 for 5.1 million dollars.

 11 &12. and

Their buyers spent 5.5 million dollars, in 2003 and 2010, respectively.


It is a domain that was purchased in 2006 for 7 million dollars. Despite its interesting name, however, even today the website remains blank.

 9 & 8. and

Both domains were sold for 7.5 million dollars.


As you can easily understand from the name, this is a domain that was purchased from Facebook for 8.5 million dollars in 2010. This was done for the protection of the name of the popular social network, of course, but it is now used as a domain for the email addresses of its workers (as opposed to the users who have addresses in


By its "spicy" name, you can easily assume that the domain cost 9.5 million dollars to the buyer in 2007.


This name is a surprise in the list, as a site of a financial services company bought it for 7.8 million dollars in 2008, but, until now, has not raised any site at this address.


This domain was purchased for 11 million dollars in 2001 and, of course, from the name you can understand why it was such a precise market.


It is no surprise that this is one of the most expensive domains, if you think that this is what the most people are looking for on the Internet. The last time this domain was sold, was in 2010 for 13 million dollars.


One of the most expensive sales of all times, for 30.18 million dollars in 2012.


The most expensive sale does not involve a porn or gambling site, as could be assumed. However, it is about the which was bought for 35 million dollars in 2007. The most incredible, however, is the reason: Brian Sharples, founder of the HomeAway, bought it so that it would not be purchased by the Expedia company.

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