How is life without your smartphone? (video)

Charlene deGuzman has prepared a video which was just uploaded on Youtube, wanting to show the close relationship (almost ... dependence) of some people with their smartphones.



In the video we see Charlene in various daily moments without her mobile, while everyone else around her plays with his device, takes photographs and tries to "capture" all his moments of life with his smartphone or use it for communication with other people.

Of course, the scenes are greatly exaggerated, as all the other people deal all the time with the smartphones, except from Charlene who doesn't have her mobile anywhere, but it is indicative of how much important is to all of us today, to have smartphones everywhere, that often divert our attention from anything that is happening around us.

It's a delightful video that can give us food for thought. Is it true that we depend on our cell phones or perhaps we use it to cover some of our needs?


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