More info regarding the collector's editions of GTA V

We recently talked about two collector's editions of GTA V (Special and Collector's) and along them what they have inside. Apart from these things however, you also get some new features for your game character!


So if you choose one of these two collector's editions, you will get several new guns (.50 Caliber Pistol, Bullpup Shotgun), at no extra cost along with their own look and personalizations. You will also get your own Hammer - oh yes- a hammer! Every character of the game has 20% discount in all stores but also access to exclusive costumes, clothes, beards and tattoos. Moreover your character will have a 25% boost in the recovery speed of your skills bar. If you get to buy the Collector's Edition, then in GTA Online you will have the ability to modify your character like Niko Bellic and Claude and Misty from GTA III. You also get your own exclusive garage, a CarbonRS bicycle and a Hotknife car. On GTA Online you also get the electric car Khamelion.

You can find more info regarding the collectors editions of GTA V hereGrand Theft Auto V will hit the stores on the 17th of September for PS3 and XBOX 360.

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