The celebrities with the biggest profits in 2013

It is another list from Forbes magazine that will surely lead us to fall into a deep reflection. This time, we are talking about the top 100 stars with the biggest income for the period between June 2012 and June 2013.


And as it's demonstrated by the results, Hollywood rules once again. At the first place is Madonna, whose last album MDNA went really bad, however the income from her tour, clothing line, perfume etc. reached 125 million dollars. Second to the list is Steven Spielberg who gathered at the same time 100 million dollars, mainly from the the rights of films such as E. T. and Jurassic Park which are played constantly on cable TV, plus the box office of Lincoln, Under the Dome series and its share of the tickets from the Universal Studios theme parks. In third place is the writer E. L. James, with 95 million dollars of the trilogy Fifty Shades of Gray which made a record sales and Hollywood expects the film to hit cinemas next year. At the same place with E.L. James, is the well known Simon Cowell and radio producer Howard Stern. The top ten concludes with Michael Bay and his 82 million dollars, while he is preparing Transformers 4 movie. Some other names which are high on the list are the producer Jerry Bruckheimer with 80 million dollars, the director, actor, producer etc. Tyler Perry with 78 million dollars and Robert Downey Jr. with 75 million dollars.

1. Madonna 125 million dollars
2. Steven Spielberg 100 
million dollars
3. Ε.L. James - Simon Cowell - Howard Stern 95 
million dollars
4. James Patterson (
writer) 91 million dollars
5. Glenn Beck (radio speechman and 
producer) 90 million dollars
6. Michael Bay 82 
million dollars
7. Jerry Bruckheimer - Lady Gaga 80 εκ. δολ.
8. Tyler Perry (
director, actor, producer) - Tiger Woods 78 million dollars
9. Oprah Winfrey 77 
million dollars
10. Robert Downey 75 
million dollars

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