Escape From Tomorrow: a fantasy-horror film shot in Disneyland without permission!

Escape from Tomorrow is a small movie that has already created a fuss about it and will surely make it to the epicenter of media the weeks to come.


Randy Moore's fantasy-horror film is about a family that falls apart during their vacations in Disneyworld and Disneyland. When the father (Roy Abramsohn) finds out that he lost his job on the last day of their holidays he starts to see weird things. What's so important with this film is the fact that it was shot entirely inside Disney World and Disney land WITHOUT permission, since all of the actors were dressed up like visitors shooting the beauty of the two parks with their cameras.

What's even more weird, is that the film will hit the cinemas (what did Disney do?) without any lawsuits, on the 11th of October in US theaters!

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