Twitter user paid 1000$ to advertise in Twitter for his lost luggage!

@HVSVN is a Twitter user who recently used British Airways for a trip and lost his luggage! When he complained thinking he would get immediate response, but unfortunately it didn't happen.


That was when he decided to pay 1000$ for a Twitter ad that advertised to all of the followers of @BritishAirways, with the message above. His move made it to the media and had a 18.7% engagement!


Finally British Airways decided to reply to him, saying that Customer Service is only active on specific times, but this wasn't enough for @HVSVN who kept paying money for the advertisement. One day after the event @HVSVN mentioned that he won and had gotten what he wanted. We still don't know if he found his luggage but he did get a lot of publicity! Have a look at the stats of his advertisement below.

twitter-ad-stats2 twitter-ad-stats

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