iPhone 5: This is the end...

Well perhaps you already know that yesterday, after the unveiling of iPhone 5C and 5S, Apple announced that it will stop producing the iPhone 5!


Obviously this is a weird announcement from Apple, a company that doesn't tend to stop the production of its flagship just a year after its unveiling. Things change however, since now the iPhone 5C will play the role of the "affordable" iPhone and not the surely expensive iPhone 5. The new iPhone 5C will cost 99 an 199$ respectively for the two versions (16 and 32GB) but in a surprise announcement, the iPhone 4S will remain as a really low cost device (free with two year contracts).

Perhaps iPhone 5 was an expensive choice for the US buyers and iPhone 5C looks awesome, ready to make huge sales in the Chinese markets especially. Say good buy to the iPhone 5 now, but don't worry you have two new and one old alternate choices now!

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