The collector's edition box set of the Breaking Bad looks very cool!

We have seen many times, absolutely stunning box sets which made the wallets thinner in a minute. It seems now the time has come for the Breaking Bad to challenge us with the collector's edition Blu-ray series box set.


The lovely and both original "complete series" box which is expected to arrive on November 26, has something from the badass of Heisenberg. We are talking about a box set, looking like a keg -to obscure the money which is stored in there and then buried by Walter White- that except of the Blu-ray discs offers an apron (!) from our favorite fast food restaurant, Los Pollos Hermanos. As for the discs, they will contain more than 55 (!) hours with special features, a two-hour documentary, a 16-page booklet plus a three-minute different end than the one that will be shown on tv. Amazon has already the box set on the lists, at the price of $224.99.

The cash-in is expected after every huge success, but the originality makes the "keg" a challenge, even for the bigger wallets.

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