Hugo Barra: In a few years people will speak of Xiaomi, like the talk about Google or Apple

Last month Hugo Barra left Google for Xiaomi in an event that created a lot of fuss in Silicon Valley.


The leading member of the technology market has already moved to China and seems to be having big plans for Xiaomi, especially after the unveiling of its greatest creation, the high end smartphone Xiaomi Mi3!


Barra plans to makes Xiaomi well known to the rest of the world, and according to an interview he gave to AllThingsD he plans to conquer markets in Russia, Indonesia, Latin America and Thailand keeping the cost of their devices really low! Hugo Barra on stage along with Lei Jun (Xiaomi CEO), a new rising star in China that is considered to be the next Steve Jobs or Jeff Bezos. Barra also mentions that he has began to learn Chinese and that he is really optimistic about the future of the company. If I do my job well in a few years, people will speak of Xiaomi (where the X is pronounced as sh), the way they talk about Google or Apple now!

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