Cassette turns... 50!

Probably cassettes are not currently in a prominent position in your home or office, but if you dig in a drawer (or the loft), you might find some of those that keep us company with music during our "innocent" (or not so) past years. If you grew up during the '80s, it is not hard to remember this music storage medium, which can now be considered as "outdated", but the cassette is now celebrating its 50th year of life!


Philips, the company behind the Compact Cassette technology, wishes "Happy 50th Birthday" to the cassettes and celebrates it with the hashtag #cassette50 that you can use too. The Dutch company notes that this format was presented for the first time at the company's headquarters in Amsterdam on September 13 1963. The cassettes, in addition to playing music, helped us to record our own sounds, while they were very important for the music industry, since it allowed many upcoming artists and groups to record easily their own content and highlight it.

Even if years have passed, however, many of us who know cassettes very well, find it difficult to kick out from our head the characteristic movement of the pen or the pencil with which we were trying to restate the brown tape back inside. Memories...

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