The first digital public library in the US has opened

The first digital public library of America began to operate a few days ago in the province of Bexar, Texas. The Biblio Tech offers approximately 10,000 e-books to 1.7 million people in the region and in its site explains how you can gain access to them.


If someone wants to read an eBook on his own device, he must have the 3M Cloud Library application in the membership card of the library, which includes the period of time that he has to complete the reading of a book, starting with 14 days. The library has 600 e-readers, 50 computers, 25 laptops and 25 tablets, while the parents can bring their children to have some computer lessons.

The manager for the library compared the whole project to the setting up of an Apple Store. The idea for a digital library has been tested in the past, perhaps earlier than it should. In 2002, the library of Santa Rosa in Arizona tested the digital solution, but in the process the people wanted the real books to be added again in its collection. The experts say that it could take about 100 years to make all the libraries of the world digital, although it is possible for  about 20% of the libraries to make it over the next decade.

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