The episode of Breaking Bad that scored 10/10 in IMDB!

Ozymandias, Breaking Bad's latest (14th) episode made history a couple of days ago, by receiving a 10/10 rating in IMDB! Something that has never been done by any other TV series, ever! This way it is presumed to be the best TV series episode ever broadcasted!


It's an awesome accomplishment no matter what anyone might think since 22.261 out of 23.201 IMDB users gave it a 10! Obviously there are a lot of young voters out there and the results may not be indicative of the true quality of the film. Just think that Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo has just 8.4/10 score, while The Shawshank Redemption is still in top with 9.2/10! Don't forget that the same episode had a record viewing with 6.4 million of viewers in the TV!

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