Steve Ballmer says goodbye to Microsoft employees

Even if the time to leave Microsoft's HQ hasn't arrived yet, yesterday was a farewell day for Steve Ballmer who said goodbye to most of Microsoft's employees.


He attended the company's annual meeting in Seattle - the last where he greeted his employees as their CEO- and enjoyed a celebration night with hundreds of friends and colleagues. As most of you know, Ballmer is really easy going and fan type of guy who enjoyed most of the songs selected for this event. One of them was "Wanna Be Startin' Something" from Michale Jackson that was first heard during the first annual meeting of Microsoft back in 1983, and when Ballmer left the building, they played "(I've had) The time of my life "(I've had) The time of my life from the finalle of Dirty Dancing! This made most of the 13.000 employees there burst into tears when they saw Ballmer leave the building dancing in tears! 

"You work in the best company in the world" said when he left with tears in his eyes. According to info, Ballmer gave a one hour speech there, insisting that Microsoft will manage to give the next big thing to the world even though this might seem a dream at the time. Microsoft's annual event in Seattle created a lot of traffic in the city, since most than 11.000 employees managed to get there by bus! After Ballmers resignation Microsoft is still looking for a new CEO with Ford's Alan Mulally being the next strong candidate for the position.

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