Neil Marshall will be the director of the remake of "The Troll Hunter"

Three years ago the world of cinema made a crazy buzz around the Norwegian low-budget, mockumentary, The Troll Hunter.


It certainly wasn't in the box office but it has become well-known with Andre Ovredal directing a story which is based on the tradition of the Nordic Countries and was talking about a group of students who decide to investigate a series of mysterious deaths made from a brown bear. But they will meet with a strange hunter and their national myth, he is huge and scary ... It was expected that someone would buy the rights of the movie and begin the process of the remake and director Neil Marshall is going to begin filming in 2014. The director of some of the best episodes of the Game of Thrones said that he aims to maintain the atmosphere of the film, while the return of the British man in the terror movies is very good. It is sufficient to remember The Descent of 2005, one of the best horror films in the last decade.

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