Find out how a tweet can save you in case of emergency!

Twitter has been used many times to inform us in case of emergency, such as, for example, the hurricane Sandy, the tsunami in Japan and in the blasts in Boston. When there is a need for immediate information, then tweets are the first choice for the users of the internet, and that is why Twitter has decided to contribute to important announcements in emergency situations,with its new Twitter Alerts.


The users who will participate in the Alerts program with one or more Twitter accounts, will receive via push notification (if they use the official applications for iOS and Android) and via SMS (if they gave a mobile number) the tweets which would qualify as Alerts. Also, in the flow of their Home Page, the Alert tweets will stand out because of their orange icon with the bell at the left bottom (see picture above).



Various Twitter accounts, such as for example management services emergencies, municipal authorities, federal and national organizations etc, can apply to participate in the Alerts program. The users can recognize if an account participates in the program through its profile and through the frame as shown in the picture above. The page of the Alerts program looks like the picture below and there is option "Activate Alerts from @username" in it, so that the users can participate in the program. See an example of such a page.


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