How will Internet look like in the year 2015?

Such predictions, usually cannot be wrong ... The Internet traffic will break the "barrier" of a Zettabyte in 2015. The traffic of users online is growing at spectacular rates and it is expected to be four or five times increased over the next 1,5 year. Zettabyte is equal to 1000 Exabytes or 1,000,000 Petabytes or 1,000,000,000 Terabytes. To get a simple idea of Zettabyte, see this ...


The main responsible for all of the above is the video streaming, and as the connections are faster, the greater impact they will have in all users' age groups. So in the future we will be watching the various "channels" only online, we will be buying or rent old films online and so on. Even today video streaming is at the top of the trafficking list, while file sharing is second, but this difference between them will get bigger over the next few years, so that the 60% of the data to be transferred in the future, will be video!


But what kind of video? Long duration videos will dominate, those which last more than 7 minutes, while the shorter will have only a small proportion of the total percentage. Live Internet TV will be in the list and mobile video also, while last in the list will be the video streams from cameras etc. and PVRs (Personal Video Recorders which will record the streams).

To the same infographic, which is coming from Cisco, distinguished the obvious trend of the growth of the mobile networks in relation to the "standard" internet access networks, with 4G to play a huge role in this. By 2015 the proportion of the fixed traffic from mobile networks traffic will reach the 10:1 from 16:1 where it is today and from the 47:1 where it was in 2010, not very long ago! It is logical and expected to a point, given how popular smartphones and tablets have become, in their effort to replace desktops/laptops in several cases.


If the mug with coffee you have in front of you was equal to 1 GB of data, then in 2015 the total net traffic would have volume as large as the Great Wall of China! These are such obfuscate sizes, but they do describe how vast is the Internet and with what rate it increases its size...

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