Grand Theft Auto V review

Well it was worth it! All these years we've been waiting patiently for this they were worth it! Rockstar created an awesome game, one of the best available ever! Grand Theft Auto V comes to make us forget all the previous editions of the game and say goodbye to this generation of gaming consoles once and for all.


For the first time in the Grand Theft Auto franchise we don't have one star, but three! Michael, Franklin and Trevor. Each one of these has his own life but the whole game unites them. Michael is a rich middle aged guy you is so bored with his life, with two kids and a wife (not so faithful I might say). Franklin is a young guy from Los Santos who lives with his aunt, works in a pawn shop and confiscates cars. Trevor is the best. He's a criminal by profession, a psychopath and loves to kill. The game begins with a heist Michael and Trevor make and then young Franklin joins the team.

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