Corrupted casino employees, gamblers and high tech gadgets!

It looks like this story has all the necessary ingredients to make a complete hollywood movie hit: Corrupted casino employees, gamblers and high tech gadgets in the French Riviera!

A 56 year old Italian with the code name Parmesan managed to steal 100.000 euros from a casino in Cannes with his own special way! Stefano Ampolini used marked cards and a set of infrared contact lenses he bought from China for almost 2000 euros, while among his partners in crime were 2 casino employees. He managed to win 70.000 euros during his first visit and almost 21.000 euros during his second visit. His way of playing poker - along with his attitude- betrayed him and the whole thing blew up and he was accused. Now he faces a 2 years imprisonment sentence and 100.000 euros fine for his actions. Well, what do you think? Could we see it in... Oceans 14 perhaps?

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