Each PS4 game will be almost 50GB in size!

During an EGX2013 interview he gave to Eurogamer, Sony's CEO Fergal Gharra mentioned that Killzone: Shadow Fall will demand almost 50GB of storage in your PS4, if you want to play it locally from a digital copy.


More specifically while boasting about the new PS4 features he mentioned that you can play the game while you are downloading it, just to compensate the fact that all games now become larger and larger. For example, Killzone: Shadow Fall needs almost 50GB in your hard drive to install! If you see the game though, you will understand why! We don't blame you if you are still in awe with the size of the PS4 games. In any case just think that every PS4 will pack 500GB of internal storage and when it's full you can connect an external hard drive.

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