Almost all manufacturers cheat in their benchmarking results

Well we all know that yesterday there were a lot of news regarding Samsung's cheats on the benchmarking results of its Note 3. However today AnandTech posts a new report that insists on the fact that Samsung isn't the only company that does such "bad" things. Quite the opposite, since Asus, Motorola and HTC use the same tactic in order to cheat the benchmark results of their flagships!


According to the website, almost all manufacturers have found ways to pimp their SoCs in specific apps - with Asus, Google (in Nexus 4 and Nexus 7) and Motorola being the most... notorious of all. In the following chart you can see that certain models like HTC One, One Mini and LG G2 have been ... pimped by their manufacturers to excel in their benchmarking results.

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