The new iPad mini 2 with Retina will be originally available in short supply

According to sources from Apple's supply chain - and Reuters of course- the new iPad mini 2 with Retina display will be probably unveiled in a few weeks but will be available afterwards in really short supply!


This is because Apple has changed the manufacturing process by improving its quality standards, especially those related to the energy consumption of the device. Apple doesn't seem to want the device's energy hungry display to easily dry out its battery and therefore has no intention to make any compromises in this matter. Other rumors insist that Apple has been pushing to reduce the manufacturing cost of the device, in order to compete with other - cheaper- Android tablets and in addition it plans to unveil a more affordable 8GB edition of the iPad mini 2!

Nevertheless the new iPad mini 2 with Retina display will be unveiled during Apple's October event but truth is that it will be available in large numbers only after the beginning of the new year!

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