Interbrand: Apple is now the brand with the highest value in the world

After 13 years of Coca Cola's domination, Apple steals the first position from her in the list of the brands with the greatest value in the world.




Apple has been able to overcome for the first time the popular soft drink in the annual assessment report of Interbrand, after a year with impressive revenue - which included among other things an announcement-record (54.5 billion dollars of revenue) in January for the first quarter of the year.

The company was 8th in the list in 2011 and in the 2nd place during last year, "climbing" for the first time at the top, while Coca Cola this year dropped to the third place in the list with Google being in the second.

Interbrand assesses the value of Apple at 98.3 billion dollars (28% higher than last year), with the rest of the companies that are in 1 top ten places to appear in the table below.


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