The embarrassing moment when your device stops working ... and you kick it (video)

It's there, the critical moment that you want to start your vehicle, the moment you play your favorite game on the computer and gets stuck, the moment you watch an awesome horror movie and the screen breaks down, the moment when you become Dr. Who, the moment where you want to save the world and the time machine stucks, when you want to leave!


The first reaction, whether you are a movie star or a common person as you and I, is to kick the damned device. To get out of your car and kick it. To give a punch to the pc's tower hoping to operate again!

Duncan Robson gathered dozens of similar scenes from popular movies and TV series, from MacGyver and Dr. Who to Back to the future and James Bond in a unique video, entitled Percussive Maintenance. All of our "broken" devices play the roles of... musical instruments in the movies, blending in with the music of Jacob Robson in an awesome soundtrack. Enjoy:

Percussive Maintenance from Duncan Robson on Vimeo.

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