Samsung: We had gold phones, long before Apple made their first iPhone

Last week, it became known, through the social media of Samsung in the United Arab Emirates, that the Korean company plans to release a golden version of the Galaxy S4, igniting rumours that the Koreans copied it from the "champagne" iPhone 5S. On the market, there is a point of view that wants gold to be a new "trend" which is being developed and there are many companies which are preparing to announce their golden devices.


The Koreans, however, do not seem to share the view that they were jealous of iPhone 5S and that's why they announced the golden mobile. They also respond to these comments officially, via blog post on Samsung Tomorrow titled "The Golden history of Samsung's phones"!



The company notes that they announced the gold Galaxy S4 on August 27 and released it in stores on September 8 - more than a week before the launch of the gold iPhone 5S.

In addition, the same news post by Samsung makes reference to several golden mobiles which had been announced in the past, long before Apple had even announced the first iPhone in 2007 and between them we identified a "gold" version, qualified for the 2004 Olympic Games. We don't know if such a post has a serious reason to exist in an official blog of the Korean, but the truth is that Apple has not "discovered" golden phones however, once again, Apple made the world discuss about them.

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