Will it blend? iPhone 5S and 5C get squashed!

When a new (or two) iPhones are unveiled there's always an event everybody wants to watch with great aspiration! Tom Dickson and his legendary BlendTec blender are always ready to shred every new devices, not to prove how sturdy they are but just to verify that nothing can face its awesome blades.


Tom has already blended the first iPhone as well as iPhone 3G, 4 and iPhone 4S with the same result every time. A mass f dust and smoke that doesn't remind us at all the beautiful shape of Apple's high quality products. The same man has also "blended" iPads, Galaxy S3 and the iPhone 5 obviously. So now it's time for iPhone 5c (in all 4 different colors all together) and a golden iPhone 5S that his brother "gold" Tom appears and offers for the test. If you are Apple fans, please don't watch it...

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