John McAfee wants to create a $100 gadget which will block any surveillance

The "cranky" founder of McAfee strikes again ... John McAfee is also known for his arrests and the crazy videos of uninstalling antivirus, but now he is searching for something else ...


He wants to create a gadget, which, in theory, will be able to block NSA from gaining access to your information. "By using it there is no way to determine who are you or where are you", he says. He gave, in his speech at the San Jose Convention Center, details of the project which is being prepared, saying that this gadget will work in smartphones and other devices, such as tablets or laptops, in small private networks, in which others cannot penetrate. The device can be adapted to a local level and each network may cover up to three blocks.

McΑfee says that a prototype device will be ready in six months. "We have the plans and we are looking for partners to develop the hardware" and he is also saying that he could sell it for less than $100.

In fact, it works by creating small private networks which operate like a "dark web", in which they are unable to access those who are outside of them. McAfee notes that he planned the technology several years ago, but he has stepped up his efforts during the last few months. He says, moreover, that this gadget is not intended to replace the internet, but it offers a tailored to local level capacity network where the users will be able to communicate privately and exchange files.

He accepts of course that such a solution could also be used for criminal purposes. He specifies that "this is happening even with the telephones" and "if the device is forbitten in USA, we will just sell it in England, Japan and the countries of the third world".

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