Apple to unveil new iPads on the 22nd of October

According to latest rumors, Apple plans to unveil its two new iPads (iPad 5 and iPad mini 2) on the 22nd of October. A couple of weeks ago rumors insisted that Apple would unveil them on the 12th or the 15th of October, however according to AllThingsD, Apple plans to officially unveil its new iPads a couple of weeks from now.


The new gen iPad will resemple the design of iPad mini and the next edition of the liliputian iPad will be equipped with Retina display at last. In addition the 5th gen iPad will pack the TouchID sensor the iPhone 5S has but some other rumors say the same about the new iPad mini as well! Apart from these two new tablets, Apple will unveil iOS 7.1, new Mac hardware and perhaps new iPods. From what we hear, the new iWatch will be unveiled in 2014.

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