Charging the Nokia Lumia 925 with... lightning bolts

Imagine we could master the energy of the lightning bolts. The thousands of volts emitting in a few seconds which are fatal to humans and animals, but extremely useful as valuable energy. And this energy, to be used to our increasingly demanding devices, with their old-designed batteries. We would have better screens, better processors, more mobility. The University of Southampton in collaboration with Nokia, made an impressive experiment by examining this possibility and tried to produce in laboratory conditions a lightning bold in order to charge a Nokia Lumia 925. And they did it!


Creating a "lightning bolt" of 200.000 volts which releases light and heat and using a custom adapter, they have been able to prove that charging a device from a lightning bolt is technically feasible. What remains, of course, to be seen is the problem of randomness of the lightning bolt. It is not so convenient to chase lightning bolts in order to charge our devices every day, is it?

There is always the option for better and more efficient (and greener) batteries to be launched in the market and placed on the consumer devices. This step in technology hasn't been done yet to the extent that we have made the software and the rest of the devices' hardware. But we have to hope for something.

Watch the impressive video:

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