M-blocks. MIT's "magical" cubes which bring ... Transformers in real life!

Researchers of MIT presented the new concept of M-Blocks, a series of  "magical" cubes, without external moving parts that can be connected to themselves together creating articulated robots in any shape the scientists want.


Each robotic cube features a flywheel that can make up to 20,000 spins per minute and provides the necessary spin to turn from one side to the other, as well as some magnets at its ends so it can connect to each other. The "magical" cubes of MIT may even "climb" over others or climb over obstacles.

With the M-blocks, the researchers of MIT aspire to create the future of modular robots that can be used in a variety work, without significant human intervention and starting from a very simple system that reminds the sophisticated "bricks" of Lego in the service of... science.

The next step, according to the researchers, is to write the appropriate algorithms, so that the assembly of these robots with the help of M-blocks to be done as automatically as possible in each case. And something like that, which perhaps ... reminds us the Transformers finds a way in real life ... Watch the video of MIT with the presentation of M-Blocks

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