Chris Pine is the new and revived Jack Ryan

It's ironic ... A few hours after the death of the famous writer Tom Clancy, the trailer of the reboot of the classic character of his best selling books is released.

Chris Pine riding a Ducati motorcycle on the set of his new movie, 'Jack Ryan' in Manhattan

We are talking about the "Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit", a film directed by the great Kenneth Branagh which tells the story of a new, original Ryan. We haven't seen him since 2002 and "The Sum of all Fears" starring Ben Affleck.

The story takes place before the original Jack Ryan stories, while Ryan is a young financier working for a very rich man in Moscow before becoming a member of the CIA. When the billionaire will trap him in a terrorist project and he will kidnap his wife, Ryan will start a fight to save her, "clean up" his name and put an end to the project. Chris Pine takes the starring role with Keira Knightley and Kevin Costner to complete the cast. Branagh except directing undertakes the role of the Russian villain, using the appropriate accent. The film will be released in America on December 25.

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