Metástasis: The latin remake of Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad has just been completed and some people have prepared their own variants. This is precisely what Μetástasis is, a remake of the famous TV series which will be displayed in Latin America via Univision network, with Diego Trujillo playing the role of Walter White.


The story is the same, a chemistry professor who discovers that he has cancer and he completely changes the course of his life, by beginning to "cook". There are two exceptions, although. "Jesse" or Jose to be more correct, is more good looking (Roberto Urbina) and there is no RV, as this kind of transport is unknown to those places. So they will "cook" in a old, crashed, school bus! The production believes that a latin remake is necessary, since the cable TV is not very famous in Latin America and the American TV series do not have the same viewing audience there.

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