If you work for Google, beware before you ask for something extreme... You might get it!

Google has made a tradition with its offices around the world which you see in pictures and envy, however, Google apparently succeeds equally well to fulfill the wishes of its employees. Even if they are ... more extreme than ever! And this is how something that began as a joke from Paul Cowan who works in Google's offices in Sydney, Australia became a reality.


One day, Cowan decided to fill the ticket system of the company, which usually indicates problems of the buildings that they work (e.g. the lift is broken), with his desire to link the three offices of the company in town with ... a monorail. He did that for fun... but he received a serious reply by the manager who said that this cannot be done.

Nothing strange so far, until one fine day he had a call from the manager's office who said that they finally decided to install an abandoned monorail (not the line but only the ... wagon) outside of an office and to use it as a special meeting room! And somehow that became a reality, as you can see in the pictures, the installation was successful and a wagon from the Sydney Monorail now decorates the offices of Google.

The monorail you see costs $250,000 (!) and when Paul Cowan described to his Google+ account the whole story, he wondered if, he finally works in a magic company, something like Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory. Ummm ... In fact, a monorail made from ... chocolate would be more ideal for their employees. After all, it would have been cheaper.

Watch a timelapse video from the installation of the monorail at Google's offices!

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