How a Raspberry Pi is made (video)

Raspberry Pi, the famous micro computer that costs 25 or 35$ has made quite an impression to all users all over the world, showing to all how can an affordable technology be so competitive nowadays. Now we all get the chance to take a look in the process of how Pi's are born! More than 1.75 million micro-computers have been sold so far with over 1 million of them having been constructed in South Wales. BBC paid a visit to the factory (Sony owns it) and shoot a video of the credit card size micro computers!


A short tour of the factory let's us know that almost 400.000 Pi's are being constructed in one day. Then each leaf that consists of 6 micro-computers reaches the hands of an employee, who then connects the remaining parts of the device. When the welding procedure is complete, another employee breaks the boards and the testing procedure begins. Have a look at the really interesting video from BBC here.

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