Well... a cameraman's job is difficult (funny video)

Who told you that it is easy for someone to carry a few kilos of equipment, to stand there many hours, to have around him many meters of cables and suddenly to have the ability in the right time to capture a goal or a snapshot at any cost? The cameraman's job is difficult and to prove it, the people of Youtube Channel UniformediaMusic, made a 4 minute video with epic fails from cameramen on 2013 (so far).


It is not the first time we see so many cameramen to fall, slip, hit, to halt or drop themselves or get hitted by a car. But every time we see such a video, we are laughing. Ok, after seeing we are thinking with tenderness all these unsung heroes who work hard in order for the video to reach our TV's. Lots of love. And laughter. Enjoy responsibly:

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