The 10 longest primetime TV series airing until today

Many rumors have insisted over time that the Simpsons would finish, but this will not happen any time soon soon. The famous series that has grown several generations, has the green light for the 26th season, which means that the episodes will reach the number 574 in total. We are talking of course about the longest TV series in the world that doesn't want to stop producing episodes with awesome numbers!


It is difficult for any other TV series to reach this number, especially after having cleared another season. See below the 10 longest primetime TV series which continue to be shown and perhaps they hope that someday they will reach the Simpsons!

1. Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: 322 episodes

2. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: 297 

3. South Park: 239 

4. NCIS: 236 

5. Two and a Half Men: 226 

6. Family Guy: 211 

7. Greyʼs Anatomy: 199 

8. Criminal Minds: 188 

9. How I Met Your Mother: 187 

10. Supernatural: 172

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