Windows Phone 8 Upgrade 3. It's official!

Microsoft announced recently the Windows Phone 8 Update 4, what we previously knew as GDR3.


This new Update 3 (8.0.10512) has been designed for the upcoming devices of Microsoft (and Nokia's for the time being) offering support for advanced hardware like the quad core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800, larger displays (5 or 6 inches) with a 1080p resolution.Microsoft has also added a third live tiles column in the Windows Phone 8 Start Screen to better uses the larger displays!

According to Microsoft, this new update brings hundreds of small bug fixes and improvements, like the new Driving Mode feature that shows less notifications in the display while driving, improved Internet Sharing with Windows 8.1 devices, use of customized messages in more apps, lock screen rotation lock, better storage management, easier app termination, better Bluetooth connections and easy WiFi setup instantly after the first power on of the device!

Microsoft announced a special Windows Phone Preview Program fro developers  that allows them to receive Update 3 starting from today. Dor the rest of us, it will be available during the next few weeks.

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