The perfect 70s style of Christian Bale and Bradley Cooper in American Hustle

We are talking about the best hairstyles of the year ... Christian Bale and Bradley Cooper are starring in American Hustle, a film from David O. Russell based on real events, which turned into a fictional scenario by David O. Russell and Ed Warren Singer. The story refers to a huge scandal that happened in the late 70s, which was launched by the newly established "Abscam", the special operation of the FBI for the investigations of the corrupted public faces and politicians.

Christian Bale;Bradley Cooper

Βale is Melvin Weinberg, a notorious criminal who, together with his lover (Amy Adams), were obliged to cooperate with an out-of-control agent of the FBI (Cooper) to trap other criminals, mafia members and politicians. The case had as a result the conviction of a senator, five congress members and many other officials. The film and the perfect 70s haircuts and clothes of the stars will be released in America on December 13th.

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