480GB of photos are assembled in a stunning timelapse video for the city of Barcelona

It is true, you've seen so many timelapse videos. Some of them are more successful than others. Some of them blow your mind and other perhaps not. If someone could tell the "secret" of the successful timelapse, besides of the necessary equipment, we could add to the "recipe" the will to do it, but also the right "look", together with a final montage that will cheer the score.


All of the above, it appears that they were inside the "suitcase" of Alexander Kravtsov, together with another "help", choosing a town as his source of inspiration, which is difficult to not be loved by someone.

Barcelona "unfolds" itself in a video that shows the best sights of the city.

The stunning timelapse video was created from images, shot from August to October, with total storage capacity of 480GB. Kravtsov used a Canon 7D camera with three different lenses and managed to complete his project, while in the meantime, he managed to break his camera, and also lost a flash drive. In the end, however, he had over 24,000 pictures, with the help of which he made this beautiful time lapse...

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