This is Amazon's "secret" ... URL

The idea of Jeff Bezos to name the "colossus" of the online retail selling who created it, Amazon, did not come from the first thought... Between the names which they had thought were, and

Nicholas Lerma

There was, however, a name that Bezos wanted a little more than the others. The was a url that got loved by the founder of Amazon so much that he granted it in September 1994 wanting to use it in his online store. His partners, however, didn't seem enthusiastic about this idea, but Bezos not only kept it in his possession, but even today if you type the url it will redirect you to...!

The story was revealed by Brad Stone in his new book "The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the age of Amazon" which was just released. It's something like a "secret" url access to the site or a "desire" of its founder. Who knows?

The next time, therefore, you want to be the smart to your friends, tell them that you know a "super wow" online shop. The And then bet that they will love it. You will win obviously.


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