Adidas smartwatch: smart in its own way

Adidas makes an impressive entrance in the wearable technology with its first smartwatch, that was unveiled during GigaOM Mobilize conference in San Francisco last week.


The Adidas Smartwatch packs a touch sensitive display along with a GPS, Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, and uses a built in sensor to track your heartbeat. This way the device can offer personalized training advices (supports audio coaching through Bluetooth) apart from offering distance and speed you currently have. Unfortunately the new smart watch from Adidas cannot work in conjunction with your smartphone. It works as a standalone device with its own storage and the ability to transfer music and other data in it. Adidas clearly states that they don't try to design world's best smartwatch but world's best running watch. 

In case you ask, the device costs a hefty 399$ and it will be available in stores on the 1st of November.

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