Here's what Google's baloons will carry

Google promises to offer WiFi all over the world with its Project Loon, with balloons that will fly over secluded areas of the world providing Internet access! But how do they plan to do this? Just watch the following video.


Google's balloons have a completely different technology than satellites. All satellites are geo synchronized (meaning that they remain still at an altitude over Earth and follow our planets course. That's why our satellite dishes just have to be facing a specific area of the sky in order to receive their signals.  Google's balloons on the other hand will fly in the atmosphere in groups and in order to send their WiFi signals to us, they will use a special antenna aimed to send its signal not straight but in an angle!

Will they do it? In theory yes. As you can see in the video, Google's antenna does the job, but it's not in its final stage. In any way we hope that Google will manage to succeed in this project!

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