Ukrainian astronomers discovered an asteroid that may collide with Earth in 2032

Ukrainian astronomers seem to have discovered a new asteroid called 2013 TV135, with 410 meters diameter and is near the Camelopardalis constellation at the time. The scientists who discovered it already placed it in the potential future Earth impact events list and have calculated that there's one in 63.000 chance to collide with Earth in 2032.


The existence of this asteroid has been verified by astronomers from Italy, UK, Russia. Gennady Borison who discovered asteroid 2013 TV135, reported to Itar-Tass that he noticed the asteroid on the night of the 12th of October. He also noticed that in case this asteroid reaches Earth, it will make a blast that will be the equivalent of 2.500 megatonnes of TNT. However, in case you think that the world will end in 2032, just know that in the Torino scale (scaled 1-10) this asteroid has been measured as 1.

For your information, 1:63.000 in chances means that it's more probable to die from earthquake, flood, airplane or car crash rather than being hit by an asteroid, so remain calm!

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