Anki Drive, a revolutionary AI robot car, controlled using iOS!

Apple had managed to make an impressive first appearance in last year's WWDC, when the company appeared in front of the audience, the impressive Anki robotic cars. Today these little cars make an official unveiling and will begin to be available through the Apple Stores from October 23rd at a price of 199$ for the starter kit.


We're talking about toy cars that can be controlled with the help of an iOS app. They have AI (Artificial Intelligence) functions and can be trained to track other Anki cars and communicate with them in a specially crafted track, just for them. Boris Sofman (Anki CEO) created these little cars having in mind simple toy cars since simple toys haven't evolved so much, especially when compared to other gaming consoles etc.


Anki cars may be toys but they have the intelligence of a videogame and can operate as physical objects using AI technology. The more you play with them, the better they get. Every Anki car has a 500 MHz microprocessor but all the hard stuff in their minds are being controlled using the iOS app. The Anki starter Kit costs 199$ and comes with a large track mat made out of vinyl to have your races, a yellow Anki car called Kourai and a silver one called Boson. You can buy more cars at the price of 69$ each (there's also the blue Katal and the red Rho).

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