Nokia Black. The new Windows Phone 8 update for Lumia smartphones

It looks like the new version of Windows Phone 8 for Lumia smartphones will be called Black and it will be available for the fresh Lumia 1320 and 1520 smartphones that were unveiled today in Abu Dhabi.


Among the new features this update is going to bring, is the RAW image support, a new updated Nokia Camera app with an improved Refocus feature, that allows you to change the focus of a photo, after you have shot it. This update also brings Nokia Beamer app, that allows you to project the content of your display to any other TV that supports HTML5, and the Storyteller app, that combines all your images with Nokia's HERE Maps.

This Black update also brings the ability to mute all notifications during the time you drive and add more notifications in the lock screen. Nokia's Black update will be available for all Lumia smartphones in 2014.

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