Nike+ Fuelband SE. The new fitness tracker is more advanced and a little bit more ... colorful than ever.

Nike announced a few days ago the renewed fitness tracker FuelBand SE, improving its predecessor in some points, without creating a whole new gadget.


The successful Nike+ Fuelband comes out in new color variations, apart from the plain black that we had met in its predecessor, while, as noted by the company, you cannot fool it by shaking it in the air since it counts only your real movements. It can record your activities in cycling, rowing and jogging and it is waterproof. Its applications are updated, in order to cooperate with the new 64-bit Apple processor, while for the iPhone 5S users, Nike offers a special tracking app, in order to collect NikeFuel points taking advantage of the possibilities of the M7 co-processor of the US company.

The bad news is that this new Fuelband doesn't work with Android devices. We are aware of the close relationship between Apple and Nike, but we believe that Nike must make its next move about this very interesting gadget and make it compatible with all the rest devices on the market, don't you agree?

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