Black Sails: The pirates are coming in a new tv series from Starz channel

After the great success of "Spartacus" which ended in 2013, Starz channel strikes again with a new dramatic tv series, which will be entitled "Black Sails" and the story is about pirates. The story of this new production, will take us 20 years before the events that have taken place in the book by Robert Louis Stevenson, titled "Treasure Island" and will focus on the stories of the most known and awesome pirate, Captain Flint (Toby Stephens), who will fight with his crew, in order to survive and to maintain his reputation from other criminals.


The first season will have 8 episodes and will make premiere in January 2014. It's impressive that the channel has already renewed the series for a second season, which will have 10 episodes, thanks to the great response from the fans to the presentation of the trailer at Comic-Con festival in New York. Many pirate battles, explosions, violence and love are the first feedback from the impressive trailer of "Black Sail", whose production has been undertaken by the world's famous director Michael Bay (Transformers, Armageddon), while the first episode is directed by Neil Marshall (The Descent, Game of Thrones).

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