The 50 biggest sites of 2010 (as they were predicted in 2000)

It is not easy to predict the future of a retail company - and this is happening also during the last years due to their involvement on the Internet. As difficult it is for someone to predict that Amazon, for example, would susseed in the world of online retail, the same could happen for a company that would fail.


Frank Feather, a futurist, had tried to predict in 2000 which will be the 50 largest sites 10 years later. In his book " The webolution of shopping to 2010", he mentions the 50 largest online retailers which in his opinion would exist in 2010, having some success but also some falied predictions as you can see.

The top 5 predictions include the following sites:

The last two sites have disappeared from the world Internet map, with the first (Webvan) being one of the examples of the "" bubble "burst" in the USA in 2001 and the second (Quixtar) a marketing company which was acquired by Amway.

The remaining 45 companies which are listed in alphabetical order are the following:

Among them are some of the most famous sites in the world, but also some completely unknown, proving that it's difficult to predict their future. Perhaps it would be interesting a current list which will be "opened" in 2020. Which of the current giants will survive and which will be the new "bubbles" of the era? Such an "experiment" would be interesting.

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