One year later. The earth from the eyes of Felix Baumgartner (new video)

Red Bull released recently a new video showing the whole project from the eyes of the Austrian Felix Baumgartner, the man who succeeded in free falling from the stratosphere, the border between earth and space and it was shot from a camera which was installed in the spaceship to celebrate his anniversary.


The fact that we watched it the most of us on 14 October 2012, leaving us with our eyes staring at the screen of our computer for hours, a free fall that its video has currently more than 35 million views on Youtube, is now offered by another perspective, perhaps even more exciting: the look of Felix. We don't know if the video will make you feel a little like him, but you will certainly admire once again a man who dared to do something special, but also a very well-thought-out project which wanted to test the human limits.

Watch the video released by Red Bull, living again the unique point of fall, the dramatic seconds of Baumgartner's spins before he could manage to regain the control and stabilize his orbit!

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