Nokia Lumia 800 works like a charm after 3,5 months on the bottom of a lake!

Well this looks like a quite impressive story! It comes from Sweden and a Nokia Lumia 800 has the leading role in it, since Roger Nilsson says that he lost his Lumia smartphone almost 3.5 months ago in a lake and just yesterday he managed to find it again, fully working!


His Lumia 800 was found between two rocks with its display covered in shells and sand. He cleaned it up, left it dry for some days and then he placed it to charge, only to see that it was working again! If we were to believe Mr. Nilsson then this is quite an accomplishment for this Lumia smartphone especially if we take into account that this is NOT a water proof smartphone. In any case its owner uploaded some images of the device just to make us believe him!

So what do you think? Do you believe him?

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