Meet the new, improved Facebook Messenger app for Android!

It seems that Facebook is currently testing a new, vastly improved Messenger app for Android.


This new app is called Messenger and offers a completely revamped look and better access to all of your chats with your Facebook friends. With a simple tap on the upper side of the app, and by swiping left or right you can access all of your chats, in a list with your favorite friends. You can also send a message to someone who's not your Friend, just as long as you know his phone number! In addition, thanks to a special ico0n you can easily see which of your friends already use the app. As you can understand, this new Messenger app looks quite a bit like WhatsApp or Viber and we just love it!

This new Messenger app is in beta for a limited number of Android users but it will surely go live in a couple of days in Google Play Store.

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